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Rowing Against MIT and Harvard
From October 18 to 19, the 50th Head of Charles Regatta was held on the Charles River in Boston, U.S. . As the only Chinese rowing team, XJTU Rowing Team played together with the rowing teams of 44 world-renowned universities, like MIT, West Point, Michigan RA and others in the Men’s Event of Eight Single Scull with Coxswain. In the end, Michigan RA won the championship at 15′14″73 with University of Massachusetts - Lowell ranking bottom at 18′08″13. The results of XITU Rowing Team and MIT are 17′22″10 and 15′52″64 respectively.The Head of Charles Regatta was started by Cambridge Boating Team in 1965 and has then developed into one of the rowing events which attracts the most participants and offers the widest events during the past five decades. This year’s event sets up 55 categories and its track starts at Boston University and ends at Harvard University. The total length of the race track is about 4.828 km. Over 9000 athletes from more than 60 countries and regions and 776 clubs competed in the event which has attracted over 400,000 rowing enthusiasts to come.This event is another crucial international exchange activity for our students in 2014 after the New Zealand University Championships. We have invited Harald Jahrling of Sydney University to coach the team and the students have gave up all their holidays and vacations to prepare since July. Eventually, it all paid off very well. Besides, the students also went to Harvard University and MIT to communicate with their rowing club members and learn from their advanced training and management experience. 
XJTU Student Aeromodel Team Won Two Championships in National Competition
        Hundreds of university students from more than 73 universities, such as Tsing Hua University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University and Harbin Institute of Technology etc. have participated in the 8 events of China Aeromodelling Design Challenge 2014 (CADC) held jointly by General Administration of Sport of China, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science and Technology in Jiaozhou, Shandong Province from September 29 to October 5. XJTU student aeromodel team has won 2 group championships in “solar-powered aircraft” and “model rocket launch and return”, 1 first prize for group, 1 third prize for individual and 2 other third prizes.        CADC has been successfully held for 11 times since the year 2004 and its events focus more on the design and production of aircraft compared with traditional aeroplane competitions. In the contest, the feasibility, reliability and practicability of the aircrafts will be tested through the scaled-down verifying flies. The competition aims to improve the physical quality of the students, further expand the scientific and technological innovative capabilities of university students and related staff as well as build up a platform for cultivating reserve force for the aviation industry and national defense.27 students, including doctors, graduates and undergraduates, coming from different schools and colleges of XJTU constitute the student aeromodel team and participate in the competition, and Profession YU Dehong of School of Mechanical Engineering acts as their instructor. They have received great support from Academic Affairs Office, Students’ Affairs Office as well as other related schools and colleges.        During the contest, General ZHANG Youxia, Director of Chinese PLA General Armament Department, watched the competition and communicate with our students. He also encourages them to put theories into practice and make contributions to our national defense clause. 
“Dance, XJTU” Season Four - To a Glorious China Dedicated to the Birthday of Our Motherland
    As the birthday of our motherland approaches, the fourth season of “Dance, XJTU” (To a Glorious China) is coming back. After four months’preparation, our students have travelled to the landmarks and cultural relics of 34 cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong, Taiwan, Macao, Tibet etc., and have taken more than 400 photos. We, eventually, have selected 65 of them to dedicate to the 65th birthday of our motherland on behalf of all teachers and students in XJTU.
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arrow Association Yingzai Love Association

In 2010 October, the sixth Tang Zhongying's moral education scholarship annual meeting at Xi'an Jiao Tong University concluded successfully. After the meeting, there was a dream rose in Yingzaiers' hearts -- the establishment of their own public service organization. Thanks to the valuable help from teachers and the their own positive proposes, in December 8, 2010, Xi'an Jiao Tong University Yingzai Love Association was set up formally. From then on,Yingzai Love Association began its work with uphold the purpose of "To serve the society, to dedicate love, to love others, to pass on love". The establishment of YingZai Love Association lit torch of love, and passed it through the whole university. The spark of Love just turns into flaming fire.Now the Yingzai Love Association has been expanded from a small group of students in Zhong Ying college to a excellent team including the students in four colleged of Zhang Ying, Chong Shi, Peng Kang and Nanyang. It is a public non profit organization formed by voluntary students.  They has been adhering to Mr. Tang Zhongying's concept of "To serve the society, to dedicate love, to love others, to pass on love" and dedicated to form a love platform fthe society.Office location: Zhong Ying College East office building 21--5Public e-mail: xjtu_yingzailove@163.com

arrow Association Yangfan club

Founded in April 19, 2001, Xi'an Jiao Tong University students Yangfan club belongs to the Communist Youth League Committee of Xi'an Jiao Tong University, under students' affairs division of Xi'an Jiao Tong University, is one of the most historical and influential  students' public associations.The activities in Yangfan club involving the help for the poor, educating in disaster field, environmental protection, donation, animal care, welfare popularity and so on. In a word, they do what they can to contribute  to public welfare undertakings.Office location: Chongshi College West 17 basementroom 022Public e-mail: xjtuyfs@163.com